Rasi Signed the Memorandum of Innovation, Digitization and Technology in Serbia

Richard Rasi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization, signed in Serbian Belgrade the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Innovation, Innovative Digitization and Technology Transfer. Before that, he conducted negotiations with Anna Brnabić, the Prime Minister, whom he invited to visit Slovakia on behalf of Petr Pellegrini, the Prime Minister, and he visited the Serbian Data Center.

He presented to Anne Brnabić, Government Prime Minister, the steps taken by Slovakia in informatization of public administration and in implementation of the One Time and Enough principle. He agreed with Prime Minister that progress in the field of informatization of public administration must go hand in hand with strengthening cyber security.

In the Memorandum between Rasi’s Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Nenad Popovic’ Serbian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the two parties agreed to exchange experience in the development of the national innovation infrastructure, but also in the national regulations on innovation, digital transformation, and technology transfer. “We will exchange our knowledge and experience in view of the process of developing and implementing innovative policies, but we will also share best practices in data integration, provision, and electronic exchange,” said Richard Rasi. The Memorandum also includes cooperation in the use of the information and communication technologies across the public sector and industry, as well as mutual aid in the field of digital innovation for smart cities.

In 2017, the Office for Electronic State Administration was established in Serbia, which falls under the Serbian Prime Minister. Its director’s clear mandate is to digitize state administration, improve service delivery, and consolidate IT resources in the State. The Office prepares the central population register, redesigns the national eGovernment portal, but also focuses on the health insurance information system. Since this year, Serbia also wants to provide cloud services.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatization is working on several key projects, too. They want to introduce quality Internet into all cities and municipalities in Slovakia, and establish good conditions for the 5G network. In addition, they prepare better data legislation to extend the One Time and Enough principle, enhance the e-gov portal for both, citizens and entrepreneurs, as well as build a good government cloud with user friendly services. They will also focus on the security of information systems.

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