Rasi in the U.S.A.: U.S. Steel is satisfied in Kosice; they Consider Additional Investments

Currently, U.S. Steel is satisfied in Kosice; they consider additional investments to increase competitiveness, and are not currently thinking about leaving Kosice, said Richard Rasi, Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatization, after negotiations conducted with the top management of the American corporation and its Slovak division.

U.S. Steel is the largest employer in Kosice; it is one of the largest ones in Slovakia and is an absolutely stable partner to this country. That’s why their satisfaction makes us happy,” said Deputy Prime Minister. In Pittsburgh, he met yesterday with David B. Burritt, President and CEO of Steel Group, Scott D. Buckis, President of U.S. Steel Kosice, and other members of management.

One of the topics discussed was the additional steel import duties that the U.S. has introduced since June. Their main goal is to protect the U.S. market from manufacturers from India, China and Brazil. However, U.S. Steel Kosice does not endanger these duties. “U.S. Steel Kosice is, fortunately, a producer of steel, almost all of which is located in the non-US market; the imposition of duties does not necessarily concern it, and it does not affect their business fundamentally. That’s why their last year was one of the record,” said Richard Rasi.

The US Deputy Prime Minister and Management of U.S. Steel have not even avoided problems with the costs associated with continuous emission reductions, and electricity and labour costs. Richard Rasi declared the Government’s interest in supporting key employers in Slovakia, and willingness to resolve their problems.


Richard Rasi, Deputy Prime Minister, is on a weeklong working trip to the U.S.A. where, in addition to his participation in the UN High-Level Political Forum, he attended several working meetings and negotiations with the UN representatives and entrepreneurs in New York and Pittsburgh. In the next days, he will speak to compatriots at the American Slovak Day, and visit the Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, where Slovak studies are taught, and the Museum of Andy Warhol, the Slovak native.


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