We’ve Saved More than €100,000 for Our Citizens Thanks to OverSi Portal

We save citizens a lot of time and money. For the first two months of the law against bureaucracy coming into effect, and the launch of the https://oversi.gov.sk/ web portal by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII), we have saved €139,281 for the citizens, which they would have to pay for individual extracts.

The law against bureaucracy only came into force on 1 September and it has already saved both, time and money, for citizens and businesses. Under the law, the authorities can no longer ask the extracts from the Companies and Trade registers, or abstracts of title, from the citizens. They get these through the OverSi (Verify) portal.

“In September and October, the authorities obtained more than twenty-three thousand extracts from the Companies Register and abstracts of title over OverSi portal. If taking into account that such an extract takes about half an hour in average to obtain, we have saved to citizens nearly twelve thousand hours thanks to this Portal, which they could spend more useful than visiting offices,” said Richard Rasi, Deputy Prime Minister, while adding that officers themselves have obtained 9,268 abstracts of title and 14,475 extracts from the Companies Register in two months.

Extracts requested by authorities through OverSi were worth €139,281, but this money remained in citizens’ wallets. “Time and money were saved by those who, for example, changed their permanent residence, asked for building permits, or needed a change to be entered into the Companies Register. From my point of view, this is how a modern and effective communication between the citizen and the State should look like,” concluded Richard Rasi.

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