First day One Time and Enough: Verification of Extracts Works; We Solved Questions and Requirements Immediately

As of 1 September, the authorities are forbidden to require extracts from the Companies and Trade Registers and Real Estate Register from citizens, as they can find them themselves in common registers. On the first working day, which was 3rd September, the authorities passed to a new style of work without any more serious problems. Of 7,090 registered users of OverSi portal, through which public officers can access citizens’ data, 1,862 entities logged in on Monday.

“The law against bureaucracy, which has allowed relieving the people from the first three extracts, is the beginning of a new era of communication between citizens and entrepreneurs with the authorities. But, as with every novelty, here too we have had to prepare for the questions and problems of the users. That’s why we launched the website with the information, contacts and, in particular, a possibility to file a complaint with the authority that would require one of the extracts. We are trying to provide maximum support to our communities and authorities, and we respond to their demands promptly,” said Richard Rasi, Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatization. On Monday, the ODPMII received two such reports. The Deputy Prime Minister also added that officers of any authorities that have breached the law will be first warned thereof by the anti-bureaucratic team of the ODPMII staff and, in case of a repeated breach, his Office may penalize such institutions.

On Monday 3 September, 79 questions and requests arrived at the e-mail address. About 42 telephone requests were handled on Friday and Monday by the Central Contact Centre. Employees of authorities were interested, for example, in how to gain access, or where to send registration requests. They were also given methodological guidelines and interpretations to the law on bureaucracy itself. The technical problems particularly include a necessity to log in with a public static IP address in authorities that are not part of the Govnet network. On Monday, September 3, 2018, 182 extracts were requested through the OverSi system by officers. Other hundreds of extracts were verified by officers through their systems integrated with the Central Reference Data Administration (CSR).


The law against bureaucracy entered in force in September 1, 2018. It concerns about 40,000 officers, who have been used to ask extracts from people for years. For public authorities that are not integrated into the Central Reference Data System, there is the OverSi portal at, where they can find the necessary extracts. To help work with it, a simulation has been prepared for users with the tasks and comments that are available at Questions about the law against bureaucracy or access issues will also be answered by the staff of the Central Contact Centre at the telephone number +421 2 35 803 083, which the officers can turn to on workdays from Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. Every Wednesday, the Central Contact Centre’s working hours are extended until 09:00 p.m.

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